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Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a tiny piece of porcelain that is designed to fit over the visible part of a tooth, much like a false fingernail does. In other cases, a “composite” material with a natural colour is utilised in place of porcelain.

Your teeth’s colour, shape, and position can all be improved with veneers. To correct a single discoloured tooth or to lighten your front teeth, an exact tint of porcelain can be selected. A veneer can restore the appearance of a chipped tooth.

The entire front of the tooth is covered in porcelain, with a thicker portion replacing the damaged portion. When braces or other orthodontic treatment are not an option, veneers can also be used to correct tiny gaps. Sometimes a veneer can be placed to align a tooth that is marginally out of alignment with the others.

How are teeth prepared for a veneer?

To ensure there is no discomfort, a local anaesthetic (injection) may be used, however this is not always necessary. The dental team will take a “impression” of the tooth after it has been prepared (mould). The dental technician will receive this and any additional information required to create the veneer.

How long will it take?

A veneer requires a minimum of two visits. The first step is to fit it and match the tint of the tooth, and the second is to prepare the tooth. Your dentist will show you the veneer on your tooth before glueing it in place to ensure your satisfaction. A specific glue is used to bond a veneer into place, securely holding it to the tooth.


Dental veneers are incredibly thin coverings that are glued to the front of your teeth to improve the aesthetics of your smile. They are normally made of porcelain or resin. Dental veneers may be suggested by our dentist to treat a variety of smile flaws. Because porcelain’s colour and translucence closely resemble the natural appearance of tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are a terrific option for improving your smile. Your smile will remain radiant for years to come since porcelain is also stain resistant. Additionally, resin veneers can match the shade of your teeth. You can get a gorgeous, realistic-looking smile with dental veneers that you’ll want to show off.

If you want to make your smile more attractive, our dentist could suggest dental veneers. You can utilize custom-made veneers on one tooth or your complete smile. Veneers may be recommended for:

  • fill up big gaps and spacing between teeth
  • teeth that are significantly damaged or discoloured can be whitened
  • Enhance the appearance of teeth with unusual shapes.
  • fix a few slightly off-center teeth
  • Restore cracked, chipped, worn, or damaged teeth.

To find out more about customized dental veneers and how we can improve your smile, we invite you to contact us or stop by our clinic right now. We anticipate hearing from you!